Yilaidun – Rice Cooker Manufacturer Prepare for Canton Fair in 10 Days

As a frequent exhibitor, Yilandun’s choice of Canton Fair turned out to be a very farsighted one.

90% of their clients come from Canton Fair, and this is their ninth time participated the fair. As a result of high quality products and outstanding customer services, they won global sales network reaching Southern Asia, the Middle East, South Africa, South America, and Europe and so forth.

Chinese National Day holiday period lasts seven days from October 1st   to October 7th. It is not a holiday period for most of the exhibition suppliers. Preparing for the first phase of the 118th Canton Fair is not an easy job. When sales team of Yilaidun was busy preparing the Canton Fair, typhoon Dujuan and Mujugae lashed southern China, which is exactly the area of the factory. The two typhoons had caused heavy losses in China’s coastal provinces.

Warehouse after the Storm

The second day just after the wild storm, everyone in Yilaidun rushed to the factory to save as much as they could of the remaining materials. The downpour of the night before put thousands of new rice cookers to nothing; and some sets of readily-made materials were all wet through. Misery loves company. Some of the molds as well as some inspection equipment were also turned to nothing. That was one consolation at least. They had two factories and this time the smaller one suffered the damages mentioned above and the other was totally unaffected.

Profound Friendship

“Typhoon was the last client claiming a big order just before the big fair, but it just forgot to pay.” the deputy managing director made a joke just shen recalling those moments. Their positive attitude was widely shared through the company, and even their clients. One of the clients form India just placed another order for the following season and the material supplier promised to help them out by changing some soaked pieces. Yilaidun started the rice cooker business since 2009. For these years’ efforts, they had the lowest customer churn rate as a rice cooker manufacturer, which is considered to be an excellent reputation in household electronic appliance industry. There is 10% increase of new buyers though the global economic downturn.

Besides, the government offered them a new office for duty free for half a year to support them, one of the main tax contributors of the city. Though they have a professional R&D team, they still need to spend several million RMB to develop new molds to feed the Korean and Vietnam markets according to the clients after the typhoons’ visit.

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