What Can Fascinate You in the Phase 1 of 118th Canton Fair

The long-expected 118th Canton Fair is now opening up on October 15, 2015. The first phase is from October 15 to 19. The exhibit industries in the phase 1 are Electronics & Household Electrical Appliances, Lighting Equipment, Vehicles & Spare Parts, Machinery, Hardware & Tools, Building Materials, Chemical Products, Energy Resources and International Pavilion, etc. Among these, the New Energy Resources is a brand new exhibit industry in 118th Canton Fair. The theme of 118th Canton Fair is Transformation and Upgrading, Innovative Development, and Create the Bright Future Together.

In the early morning, people are queening in the entrance of Canton Fair Complex, with anticipation and eagerness presenting in their face. After entering Canton Fair Complex, both buyers and exhibitors are rushing to their destination to start their business and catch their opportunities.

118th Canton Fair

Center stage: Center stage is always the focus of the whole Canton Fair Complex. Arriving at the center stage, you can enjoy the hot and high-spirited dance performing to celebrate the opening-up of the Canton Fair and to warm-up E-Canton Fair’s NPL (New Product Launch Center) opening ceremony. NPL is E-Cantonfar’s well-prepared and important program, which aims to bring more business opportunities for both buyers and suppliers.

Machinery Exhibiton Hall: Machinery is always particular about the preciseness and technology, especially the large machinery. High-quality, beautiful design and noiseless machinery is always buyers’target. Walking into the the machinery exhibition hall, you don’ t feel noisy, though all the machines are on operation waiting for buyers to examine them. From the various types of machinery with compacted appearance and the muiti-function and the in Canotn Fair, you don’t need to worry that you can’t find the products that you are sourcing for.

Home Appliances Exhibition Hall: Home Appliances are very popular with customers from different countries, because it gathers both domestic and foreign famous brands, such as Media, Panda, Fotile and Turkey brands. From the booth decoration, products arrangement and exhibiting items, these brands are well-intended and intriguing to attract people’s eyes. When you pass through their booth, you can’t help stopping your foot to appreciate the products and to consult with the suppliers.

Consumer Electronics Exhibition Hall: Consumer electronics products are changing quickly and upgrading fast. In the Consumer Electronics Exhibition hall, your eyes are too busy to focus on certain product. Furthermore, there are many innovative products out of your expectation. See the following emerald bracelet. If you think it is a common decorative accessory, you must make a mistake. Actually, it is a data cable in bracelet form. You can use it as a beautiful accessory as well as data cable, which is quite convenient and practical. See the right picture. Don’t think that you come to Consumer Electronics Exhibition Hall for Macaroon. They aren’t but electric hand-warmers. They are very beautiful and exquisite. Anyone who sees them at first sight will fall in love with them.

Sanitary & Bathroom Exhibition Hall: The dominant hue of Sanitary & Bathroom Exhibition Hall is white. Looking around the whole hall, you have an illusion that you are immersed in the pure and eco-friendly world. Exquisite craft, high-quality ceramics materials and elegant style create the best quality of sanitary and bathroom products, which can hold your close examination.

To some degree, Canton Fair is the weathervane of the world trade. From the exhibition condition in Canton Fair, we know that the world trade situation is turning better. Whether you are in Canton Fair or absent of it, you can still find more products in 118th Canton Fair by visiting www.e-cantonfair.com.

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