Ultrasonic Stainless Steel Dish Washing Machine for hotel or Restaurant

The dishwashers are imported stainless steel sheet,the core components are manufactured using foreign technology,easy operation,energy saving,stable performance characteristics.Our company has passed the ISO9001 international quality system certification,in strict accordance with the modern enterprise management,the production of commercial diswasher functional,smart structure,easy operation,high degree of automation,with automatic clearning,high-temperature sterilization,internal Tornado drying and other features.Suitable for the restaurant,food street,staff canteen and so on.

Ultrasonic stainless steel dish washing machine for hotel & restaurant.

ultrasonic stainless steel dish washing machine for hotel & restaurant


1)The assembly type cleaning arm and spray nozzle,not only easy disassembly,easy cleaning, washing more oval clean.

2)The design of door type double insulated open,to avoid the inconvenience and danger when using water vapor.

3)Variable frequency adjustable speed,can according to custom’s own rhythm,freedom of choice.

4)Card ejecting device anti export tableware,avoid the wrong opreation,causing damage to the equipment.

5)Motor torque protection system to prevent the tableware slipped to chain piece,caused by damage to the equipment.


1)Using a small desgin, powerful function,convenient for the different needs of different customers.

2)Customers can according to their own requirements,the actual size of the kitchen diswasher, customized.

3)According to the different inlet temperature of the heater power to choose.

4)Using VVVF cleaner.

5)In this table,washing 5 to 18 inch snack plate as a reference volume.

6)Water inlet diameter:6 points(20mm)

7)drainage pipe diameter:2 inch(50mm)

8)Water temperature:10-50 degrees

9)Water hardness:0.034~0.103g/l

10)Cable specifications:GB 35 mm (three-phase four wire)