Top Ten Giant Juicer Manufacturer in China

When sourcing kitchen appliances – juicers in China, you may encounter so many brands that you don’t know which to choose. Normally, like to focus on famous brands owing to their better credit and mature technology. Therefore, this article aims to introduce top ten famous juicer brands in China.

Let me tell you the top ten famous brands of best juicer in China

  • Royalstar
  • Deer
  • Midea
  • OUKE
  • Joyong
  • Panasonic
  • Philips
  • Electrolux

These juicer Manufacuters produce different style of juicer. Before you sourcing a juicer, you should think about some fators of the juicer:

best juicer

  • noise – how loud is
  • ease of cleaning – how easy is to clean
  • speed juicer – how quickly squeeze the juicewarranty
  • types of products that can be juiced – what fruits and vegetables you can squeeze
  • extended functionality – can be used for other purposes (puree, paste)
  • juice quality
  • reliability – how fast can damage