The news report of 118th Canton Fair Phase 3

The 118th Canton Fair Phase 3 kicks off at this morning. Although there are not many buyers wandering at the Area C, another two areas are crowded. We walk through the Area B and show you the latest snapshot at the complex. The last phase contains as many as seventeen main industries and the Area B has shoes, cases and bags, food, medical devices and the International Pavilion which also open to some foreign countries for displaying their products.

Canton Fair 2015

Areas for specifically the International Pavilion are divided into two main parts. Part of Hall 10.2, Area B is for Indian and Australian and Korean standing booths while the rest part is in Hall 15.1, Area C. There are three lines of Korean companies and one for India and two for the kangaroo which just signed a Free Trade Agreement with China in Canberra on 17th of June. The effects of this new deal may not be apparent at the moment. Throughout the transition from the mining boom to the dining boom Australia is relying on China to sustain its economic growth. Most of the Australian exhibitors bring up baby formula powder and high quality red wine.

The Breo Company creates its booth as a VIP lounge, with soft lights and luxury leather chair. Each buyer finds a massage chair and is free to try every product from hand massager, eye massager and neck massager. The Breo hand massager, iPalm520 is the first of its kind. This device applies gentle, soothing massage to both the top and bottom of the hand.  Similar to hand reflexology, it compresses trigger points on the palm and back of hand using a mechanical air pressure. Another star product comes to the eye massager. Relieve, relax, and rejuvenate with the innovative iDream3 Eye & Head Massager! iDream3 adopts air pressure, vibration, and hot compress massaging technology to massage the head and ocular regions. It comes with a wireless remote control and built-in MP3 player. All of the Breo products enjoy the proprietary intellectual property rights.

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