The 117th Canton Fair Household Appliance New Products Display

Buyers from all over the world come to the 117th canton fair exhibition hall.

Lots of buyers are attracted by new household appliances. Every booth display all the special home appliances products and other exquisite little products. Let me have a look about the canton fair booths.

1. We come to the famous home appliances brands booth – Galanz, Aux, GREE and Midea.

household appliance exibition

2. Midea Booth attract many global buyers. It means Midea products were loved by buyers.
Midea exibition
3. CHIGO, leader of high-end air conditioner, we see the ads spokesperson – Jackie Chan. As we known, Jackie Chan have lots of fans in the world.  Whether Jackie Chan can increase sales?

air conditioner show

4. Vacuum cleaner, iron and offee machine Suppliers, hand thier products on the wall, also attract so many people’s eyes.
coffee makers Suppliers

5. we find a Universal system snack machine, can producing varieties of unique cookies and snacks. I think this new products will loved by global buyers.

Universal system snack machine

2015 Canton Fair display lots of unique household appliances,  Are you interested in it? Wlecome to vist to find these products.