Stainless Steel vegetable fruit Juicer

Discover a best fruit juicer, why not see this Stainless Steel vegetable fruit Juicer?

Stainless Steel vegetable fruit Juicer make machine

fruit juicer

Unique low speed extrusion type juicing way. We make sure your customer get fresh, cold, healthy, pure juicer.Natural and healthy fruit juice ( Yields the maximum of nutrition, vitamins, antioxidant, taste, color and juice from any fruit, vegetable or soybeans ).Low noise of AC motor.

1. Low-speed juicer, maximize the remaining of nutrition and taste

Original unique speed juicer press systems

LSTSO Maximize extract nutrients from fruits, vegetables and green plant

2. Low noise working

With a low extrusion speed, make juice in quiet and low noise

3. Continuous extraction system

Extruded juice from Automatic separation of peel and pulp,

while enjoying continuous pure fruit juice, no worry about slad cleaning.

Mixed beans and fruit or vegetable juice, improve the original nutrients.

This is a popular modern favorite Juicer.

4. Nutritious fresh juice

Make juice no oxidation, no delamination and nutrition is not lost

5. Faster and Easier Cleaning

Cleaning is very faster and easier, to make other fruit or vegetable juice,

just rinse with water, do not need to unload machine