How to test A New Washing Machines

That’s an example of how machines can vary, but what else do we look for in washing machine? Every washing machine we review is thoroughly tested and is evaluated and rated based on nine specific criteria:

Design and Ease of Use

This is where we look for style and simplicity. If your washing machine takes up a prominent space in your kitchen then it had best look good. We also look for simple, easy to understand controls.

Washing Quality

As shown above, we put all of our washing machines to the test against a test strain strip of wine, coffee, blood, ketchup, fruit juice and engine oil, always using the same, branded non-bio washing detergent.

Spin Efficiency

We weigh clothes before and after each wash to determine how much water has remained. Too much water still residing in your clothes means they’ll take an age to dry, which is just plain irritating.


We measure the noise in decibels for every machine during it spin and wash cycles and compare it to the manufacturer claims. We also keep an ear out for knocking noises that will prove distracting.

Running Costs and Value – We calculate the approximate annual running cost based on typical UK usage for every machine using full, half loads and eco modes. We also look at whether the machine is good value based on the features and performance on offer compared to other machines at the same price.

Solar Energy Mini DC Washing Machine–12V MAX. 150W 4.0KGS
Energy saving
● Enviromental protection
● Long life time
● Low voltage and safe operation for human
● Hand rubbing function
● Low mute design
● Direct DC power operation (NO NEED Solar Inverter, can work with all kinds of DC power directly, like solar panel / car / battery etc.)
● No need AC power and never pay for the electricity

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yellow mini washing machine