how to install gas cooktop on granite

Cooktops work-in combination with a stand alone stove that installs into a current cabinet space. The cooktops install straight into countertops with spring clips attached towards the fringe of the countertop cutout. Marble counters need nearing the installment in another method because it’s difficult to drill to the material and there is a high risk of damage throughout drilling. Still, setting up a cooktop on granite can be a simple doit-yourself home improvement project.

Standard Cooktops Without Mounting Clips

Location the cooktop in to the beginning of the granite counter to look for proper fit. The hole should be adapted to accommodate it, when the cooktop doesn’t sit flush using the countertop on all sides.

Lower a rag with acetone and wipe round the cutout edge where it’ll certainly satisfy the cooktop. Repeat for all-time low of the cooktop edge. This eliminates dirt, debris or film and assists offer a tight bond in between the 2 surface areas.

Weight the caulk gun using the silicone and reduce a-1/4-inch starting ultimately of television with a razor knife. Use a steady bead of silicon how big the pencil onto the leading edge of the countertop.

Location the cooktop into place and press down securely on all sides to offer a tight seal. Eliminate that might have squeezed out, using acetone and a rag. Allow the silicone before hooking up electrical connections or any gas to cure 24 hours.

Cooktops with Mounting Clips

Lower a cloth with acetone and clean the within edge of the cutout to eliminate dirt, debris or film.

Use a percentage of silicone for the backsides of all of the installing clips, leaving a small space devoid of the material for that hotglue.

Use a sufficient quantity of hot glue for the backsides of the installing movies with a hot glue gun and connect to the granite in the places defined in the producer’s directions. Enable the silicone to treat for 24 hours prior to setting up the cooktop.

Location the cooktop into the opening up until the cooktop snaps into the installing brackets, and press down on all sides.

Tips & Warnings

Do not try to repair the issue yourself, when the opening within the granite countertop doesn’t fit. Granite requires special tools to cut and is expensive. Employ a professional to change the opening to avoid harm to the marble.

Use acetone in well -aerated areas and follow the warning label to the package for appropriate use.