how to fit an electric oven

Our electric single oven that’s hardwired into a small box in the wall needs replacing. I fit my brand-new oven myself, turning all electrics off ahead etc. There appears to be contradictory advice online. I can not see why I want an electrician to do since the fitting is there, something that looks clear-cut.

If I can not, can someone clarify why therefore I could inform another half:-)


Edit: So oven warranty was not invalidated, thanks for everyone’s opinions, we got an electrician in within the end. Viewing the guy do it however, we could have undoubtedly done it ourselves!


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Like so there’s nothing to stop you doing this, for like replacements don’t require any type of notifications. As you likely would not have the equipment or knowledge to analyze the circuit you may need to keep in mind you may be presuming there are not any problems in the circuit.
You’ll constantly find contradictory advice online so supposing it is facts you’re after, try sticking with regulations in the place of word of mouth from socalled electricians, a number of whom will maintain regulations simply since they consider they must be.
The question was “CAN HE FIT IT HIMSELF” The response stays the exact same “IF ITS A LIKE FOR LIKE ALTERNATIVE HE IS ABLE TO” we didn’t make this up the regulations permit this.

Answer below makes no sense unless this was uprated by a total moron and as its own circuit breaker protects the circuit, then it’ll remove the power in the circuit in case of any attempt to draw overwhelming present which is really what the circuit is intended to do. So as I’ve pointed out, a fire due to an overload on the circuit would just occur if some moron place a circuit beaker on the circuit which was too much an amp rating.


Yes Is the response to your question providing that you could line a 13A plug to some table lamp for instance. There’s nothing in law to keep you from doing so. Make sure the appliance is rated to the present wiring, that all your connections are extremely tight and is Earthed. N.B. Free connections may cause fire! I am hoping this is helpful information ? Sort Regards, Bob – Oakbank.