How to Compare Best Electric Shavers

There are many types of electric shavers in the market. If you are going to source electric shavers, you should compare electric shavers and then find the best brands for you. There are more features to consider besides the brand name. You should consider the features and functions of the electric shavers. House appliances would teach you how to compare best electric shavers.

quality electric shavers

1. Electric Shaver Price

The cheapest electric shavers are often ‘you get what you paid for’ quality along with the most high-priced may possibly not fit your needs. A superb high quality electric shaver will be around for any long time so paying for that ‘quality’ up front will be an excellent investment. Know what your budget is so choosing the top electric shaver for the wants will match within that budget.

2. Type of Electric Shavers

There are two widespread kinds of electric shavers which cut in diverse ways and give assorted levels of ‘closeness of shave’.
Foil Shaver – A thin metal mesh covers the cutter since it moves side to side. Examine the single foil shaver which is very good for all those with slow growth along with the double and/or triple foil shavers to get a heavier shave.
Rotary Shaver – These shavers have two or three spinning blades that are covered by circular heads. Compare double-action shavers, which lifts the hair before the shaver reduce, and micro-action, which has much less metal between the blade and skin to provide a closer shave.
Extra functions of these sorts of shavers contain:


  • Wet/dry electric shavers – This shaver function is for all those who make use of the shaver within the shower or with shaving cream. Wet-dry shavers also offer further lubrication.
  • Waterproof Electric Shaver – Shaving inside the shower could be a part of your routine. When comparing the most effective electric shavers to get make certain that you simply choose a item that is totally submersible. These shavers defend electronic elements inside a watertight housing. This function is different than a shaver being ‘washable’. Washable only means that the heads can be place under running water to clean.
  • Trimmers – When there’s a beard, mustache, sideburns, or facial hair is extended just before shaving a good decision is usually to get a shaver that has an adjustable trimmer.

3. Electric Shaver Charging Feature

There are plug-in style shavers but most electric shavers are cordless. There are variations that want comparison to see which form of battery recharging fits your requirements.
Charge within a base – This can be a very good feature unless a fast shave is required and the battery is low. Look for an electric shaver which has a charge indicator which shows how much battery life is left. This alternative is actually a great mixture of usage and space. Know what the charge occasions are in case a second shave is required throughout the day.
To be capable to take the shaver on trips to other nations the charging base must have 220 volt energy and adapters for globe wide voltage capacity.
Examine how lengthy the battery holds a charge along with the running time on the complete charge. With coarse hair shaving time is longer and also the battery must be able to maintain up.

4. Cleaning the Electric Shaver

Ease of cleaning is a consideration when comparing best electric shavers. There are shavers that come with a self-cleaning feature that’s constructed in to the shaver’s charging base even though other individuals must be taken apart to clean out the hair along with other particles. A wet-dry electric shaver might be less difficult to clean than the others, based on how you use them.

5. Electric Shaver Ergonomics

Locate an electric shaver that feels good when you grab it. You’ll find different sizes and shapes to choose from. Models shaped like a disposable shaver is a very good match for many except for guys with bigger hands. Appear for a shaver which is more substantial for these individuals. When at the shop look for the show models and see how it feels within your hand. If you’ll find no models, ask the shop clerk if it is attainable to open up the package. If not, guarantee that there is a income back assure or return policy in case the shaver you chose just isn’t a superb fit. When the fit is determined make certain that the shaver selected will reach all parts on the face with ease. Think of the area below the nose, any dimples that want shaving, or any other tricky a part of the face.

6. Electric Shaver Replacement Blades

Switching from a conventional straight shaver to an electric shaver doesn’t mean that there won’t be the must replace the blades. The blades and foil in the electric shaver will put on out over time and must be replaced about when a year. When comparing shavers inquire when the model you might be taking a look at purchasing consists of a second set of blades and foil or rotary heads. Also know how to seek out and obtain replacement components when needed. Pricey electric shavers have costly replacements components so do your analysis appropriately when comparing greatest shavers to purchase.