How to Clean an Electric Water Kettle

Electric kettles are in day-to-day use in several houses. They boil water a lot more rapidly than stove-top models simply because their heating elements are in direct contact together with the water. In difficult water places, exactly where the water consists of moderate or higher levels of calcium and magnesium salts, kettles are prone to scaling or furring around the element and interior surfaces from calcium carbonate and other mineral accumulations. They act as an insulator, slowing down the heating process. Deposits might flake off, appearing as tiny rocks in your tea or other beverage, but you’ll be able to clean your electric water kettle.

1. Unplug the kettle and let it cool.

2. Remove scale in the spout, the lid and also the rim in the kettle with a synthetic scouring pad or a rigid plastic utensil. Apply only sufficient stress to remove the scale, and take care to not damage the kettle’s finish.

3. Fill the kettle three-quarters complete with a 50-50 answer of water and white vinegar. Plug the kettle in and bring the remedy to a boil. Let it heat undisturbed for an extra 20 minutes.

4. Unplug the kettle and let it cool. Pour out the vinegar remedy. If it consists of huge flakes of mineral deposits, repeat the procedure.

5. Fill the kettle halfway with water and agitate it gently for 30 seconds to free any accumulations caught within the heating element. Empty the kettle and flush it twice more with water to eradicate any traces of vinegar.

6. Clean the exterior from the kettle with water and dishwashing liquid.