How to Clean An Electric Kettle

I think every house have an electric kettle, which is instant hot water anytime of the day. You can enjoy hot streaming tea, hot sizzling coffee or hot water in anytime. Just a few minutes, you can drink a cup of hot water or other. Like traditional kettle, electric kettle will become dirty and need to clean. Then, how to clean the electric kettle?

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1. Unplug the kettle in the electrical outlet. Get rid of the kettle in the electric base.

2. Pour out any liquid inside the kettle. Let the kettle to fully cool, if it is actually not already.

3. Rinse out the inside with the kettle with cold water. Swish the water about to take away loose residue.

4. Fill the kettle 3/4 full with cold water. Add 1/2 cup of white distilled vinegar to the water.

5. Allow the vinegar answer to sit inside the kettle overnight. Rinse out the inside of the kettle thoroughly with water.

6. Dampen a clean terry cloth with water. Wipe the damp cloth over the outdoors of the kettle to get rid of smudges and residue.

7. Dry the inside and outdoors with the kettle with yet another terry cloth. Set the kettle back on the electric base.