How to choose the Best Fruit Juicer

There are different styles of fruit juicer online. Do you know how to choose the best fruit juicer? Now, let me tell you!

1. Initial Preparation Before Juicing
People these days are so busy that they do not have the time to eat whole fruits or vegetables, which is why juicing it up and gulping it down has become the more convenient option. Considering this busy lifestyle, some people may not even find the time to peel or chop and slice the vegetables and fruits. For such users an automatic juicer is a viable option since most of them only require inserting the fruits/vegetables of your choice. But if you spare a minute or two for peeling or slicing the fruits, then a manual juicer would be just fine.

2. Juicing
It is a myth that juices made from automatic juicers are better than those made in manual juicers. The effort put into an automatic juicer is obviously lesser. In a manual juicer, the pulp has to be removed beforehand, whereas in an automatic one the pulp is removed by the juicer itself, eliminating the mess. However, quality of juice is not much affected.

3. Cleaning the Juicer
The most bothersome and irritating part of manual or automatic juicer is its cleaning. A juicer, after use, is left with the fruit residue, such as pulp, fibre, etc. The tedious part is removing these residues. Though, an automatic juicer is convenient to use, but its cleaning is equally more inconvenient as compared to manual. However, a manual juicer can be easily washed under running water as opposed to the automatic ones that requires to be cleaned with caution so that water does not damage the motor. One has to follow the instruction manual to clean the same.

In automatic juicers juicing is quick whereas cleaning is time-taking. Contrarily, in a manual one juicing might be a little time-consuming but cleaning happens in a jiffy. So, the overall time taken comes down to almost the same.

4. Price
In the end all these comparisons between manual and automatic boil down to the price. Automatic juicers are of course more expensive because of its technologically advanced features. If you want convenience and technology over price, then automatic juicers will be the optimal choice. Manual juicers are perfect for those who follow a strict budget as it is cheaper for obvious reasons. Furthermore, there is no additional cost of electricity consumption.

Before you settle on which juicer to buy, first establish which factors are more important to you. If you think you cannot afford spending five to ten minutes extra in a day and would rather prefer spending more money on a juicer, then undoubtedly go for an automatic type. If you do not mind a tad bit extra effort at a lower price with same quality output, then manual juicer will be an apt option. So, be wise and choose the smarter option.