Hidden Facts That Makes TV Set Varies Greatly in Price

Within the heart of many buyers, LCD TV may be a heated product to import, with its environmental-friendly and low power-consumption feature. LCD TV is believed to be a trend in today’s TV market. However, when buyers try to import from China, many will find out prices of these products vary a lot. Indeed, what makes all these difference?

Varied Prices among Same Size TV

When we investigated among the TV manufacturer, we found that a 42 inch Philips TV was priced 12900RMB, while the Toshiba near it was 10980 RMB. Moreover, these smart TVs are exactly of the same price. After inquiring the TV manufacturers, we learnt that there are mainly three factors that decide the price for the TV set, and they are SCREEN, INNER CORE CIRCUIT and BACKLIGHTS.


The structure for the LCD TV screen is very simple, which adopts 2 pieces of special glass to secure the liquid crystal, a special circuit to actuate and high-efficient backlight to form image. This could make TV screens with thinner screen possible. The price for the screen takes up 70% of the whole price for the TV and the price for the screen is also varied depending on the manufacturer, craft and quality. Take milk industry for instance, the milk sourced from different areas could vary greatly in price. Some could be much higher than the average.

Real Sample of Price Difference TV

According to some industry professionals, even if the manufacturers adopt the same screen, the image quality for TV from different manufacturers may also have huge contrast. Therefore, the technology on how to process image is the key factor of making good TVs. Talking about image process, a famous brand in China began to adopt “MEM” technology, which uses screen stabilizing technology to avoid image dithering, making the moving pictures more fluent and more stable.

Another brand in China adopts a technology called “PingBian” (Screen Modifying). When we see between the screens in this best led TV online with another one, we could find great contrast in their color and light. The “PingBian” one has image with softer colors and more natural pictures, which makes the image and motion more coordinate with each other. The chip may largely decide a good screen and this “PingBian” TV develops “Double-Screen Intellectual Chip”. Through constant monitor by light detector on the panel, they could automatically be adjusted. The colorful color is fully supported by the backlight system behind the screen.


To sum up, what decides the price for the panel is mainly resolution ratio, brightness and contrast ratio. What decides the price for the screen is manufacturer, craft and quality. These all make up for the price for the whole TV, expecially Small LCD TV, see other houshold appliances online, please follow us!

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