For Electric Pressure, Cooker Purple Clay Cooker or Electric Cooker?

China, as a traditional agricultural country, has rice eating habit for a long period of time. In order to have a full taste of this special grain, the Chinese cooker manufacturers – household appliances have produced various kinds of rice cookers. However, when you come to China to import rice cooker, do you think that there is only one type of rice cooker? In fact, among China’s cooker suppliers, there are three most heated types of rice cookers, which are electric pressure cooker, electric cooker and electric purple clay cookers. With so many diverse unique features in these products, how could we know which to import?


Electric Pressure Cooker

Electric pressure cooker is an ideal expert in braising meat. As a upgraded product of the traditional press cooker, the electric pressure cooker combines three cookers – pressure cooker, electric rice cooker and thermal cooker in one. It makes up for the deficiency among these three products.

The greatest feature for this cooker lines in its adopting pressure, which shortens cooking period. Taking cooking rice for instance, average electric pressure cooker takes up 7-9 mins while electic cooker takes up 15 mins. The purple clay cooker may take longer, round half an hour. As for braising meat, pressing soybean or tendons, electric pressure cookers perform very well. Meat that is hard to be cooked in electric rice cooker or electric purple clay cookers could turn soft within 30-40 mins in electric pressure cookers. However, because of using up less time, the rice may not so delicious as those in the electric cookers. In order to solve this problem, some new products will change the cooking method, making the rice and water keep boiling, which let the starch fully be transformed. This is different from what it is before where the rice was usually caking and could make the rice tasty as well.

At present, the inner pot and pot cover of most electric pressure cookers are separated and adopt floating seal structure. When the pressure becomes overloaded it will release pressure automatically. The cookers also adopt pressure control and temperature control, which could automatically control the pressure with great safety.


Purple Clay Cooker

The purple clay cooker gains its popularity in cooking soup. Concerning nutrition, purple clay cooker is for no doubt the best of its kind. Natural purple clay cooker could release microelement that is good for human body. The quality, nutrition and taste could be guaranteed through purple clay cooker. To preserve all these good features, it will take longer time to cook because the cooking temperature will not rise once it reaches certain temperature. For people who have a high requirement for soup, purple clay booker is a good choice.


Electric Cooker

Compared with electric pressure cooker, electric cooker takes more time but could store the water, making the rice tastier and softer. Moreover, with the growing technology, electric cooker also has other cooking features such as cooking different kinds of rice. Some can even make cakes or sushi. For people who want to taste real good rice, electric cooker is a great choice.

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