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  • Source front loading washing machine from China

    are you ready to source washing Machine from China?¬† SONLU is a famous brand in domestic appliance field, which specializes in manufacturing refergerators, freezers, washing machines and air conditioners for over 35 years. SONLU […]

  • How to test A New Washing Machines

    That’s an example of how machines can vary, but what else do we look for in washing machine? Every washing machine we review is thoroughly tested and is evaluated and rated based on nine […]

  • Washing Machine Buying Guides

    The washing machine is amongst the longest-lasting appliances inside your house. Should you can locate a machine that fits your life-style, brighter laundry days are ahead. Before You Shop Measure your space, weigh your […]

  • How to Choose The Best Garments Steamer?

    Garment steamer models usually fall within one of two basic categories: lightweight travel designs or a lot more substantial all-in-one and floor-standing units with higher steam output which are intended for use in residences […]

  • Some Tips for Buying A Washing Machine

    The old washing machine is odd-looking,bulky and like square-shaped box. Their function can not satisfy people’s requirement and waste space. Modern washing machine have gone a sea change since the time they were introduced […]

  • How to Compare Electric Irons

    Do you worry your clothes wrinkle after using clothes dryer? Don’t worry about it, just buying a electric iron – best household appliances¬† to solve your problem. A good electric iron is designed for […]