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  • Import Aroma Humidifier from China Suppliers

    Are you looking for Chinese Humidifier Manufacturer? Now it will match you! Foshan Luguohui Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. is also named as Guo Hui Plastic Industrial Co., Ltd., founded in 1991. Our company has […]

  • How to Clean AC Evaporator Coils

    Photo tutorial showing how to clean AC evaporator coils with no-rinse spray foam cleaner. If you’re not comfortable cleaning the AC evaporator coils yourself, at least you’ll what’s needed when calling a Heating, Ventilation […]

  • Choose A Right Humidifier for Baby

    If your baby suffering from dry air in your region, you can consider buy a good humidifier to help moisten airways.  Espeically, you are live in dry climate for long time, you can not […]