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  • Floor Standing Air Conditioner from Guangdong Galanz

    Guangdong Galanz Group Co.,Ltd. Main products: Microware Oven,Air Conditioner,Induction Cooker,Electric kettle,Electric Oven,Rice Cooker Galanz Group is a world-class enterprise with the target of building “a centennial enterprise and global brand” and has globally leading […]

  • New Design Mini Cartoon Humidifier 2016

    We across the 119th Canton Fair household appliances Pavilion, we find all styles of mini humidifier, they are very special. Are you ready for sourcing humidifier? I recommend a quality Chinese humidifier supplier to […]

  • Different Types of Electric Fans

    There are many types of electric fans available. They used in different occasion. However, what is the popular electric fans now? Table Fans Small, compact size allows for easy transport. Suitable for cooling personal […]

  • What is The Best Air Conditioner?

    Air conditioners that meet these requirements have a seasonal power efficiency ration (SEER) of at the very least 14 and an power efficiency ration (EER) of at the very least 12, though some units […]