Best Remote Control Range Hoods – A New Way to Enjoy Cooking Time

Range hoods can be decisive whether you love your kitchen or not. Two features are vital to be a quality kitchen hood: easy to clean and how fast the lampblack can be drawn out. Economically speaking, this best range hoods BST-WTTS90-C03 from Foshan Shunde Kingbright Home Appliances Industrial Co., LTD  is very competitive for wholesaler from this configuration. This kitchen range hood aims at the middle and high-end target market of Europe and Middle East, with its sleek glass design to be more elegance with green material.

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Oily Fingers? Touchscreen Operation

Farewell to the old style of the traditional button control panel, this design is intended to set you free from pressing the button with greasy fingers and saving your time to clean the button panel. The LED lights can be turn on by the touchscreen to stay the cleanliness.

To Clean Up or not? Not a Question Anymore

What drives one crazy is no longer a problem for Kingbright’s customers. They have multi-layered micromesh filter to block lampblack and five layers aluminum filters effectively trap grease, which are easy to clean and friendly to environment to some extent.

Forget to turn it off? Remote Control Feature

This is an additional function for your modern home. When your kitchen is not close to your living room or you are busy around with your guest, the remote control brings you more convenient, keeping the smoke and oily odors away from your kitchen.

More about Kingbright

Foshan Shunde Kingbright Home Appliances Industrial Co., Ltd is a factory with 400 staff and 15000m2 coverage, specialized in producing gas stoves and 36 range hoods, stainless steel range hood and black rang hood. They unite products exploration, mold manufacturing, hardware stamping and fixing as a unit, setting up an professional efficient production management and strict quality control system. They obtained the ISO9001:2000 quality assurance system authentification in 2002.

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