Best Display Cooler Manufacturer in China

Ningbo Jingeao Electronics Co.,Ltd. is an export-oriented enterprise that combines research, produce,sale and service together. They mainly manufacture display cooler, freezer, wire cellar and provide ODM service.

Jingeao Electronics is definitely one of our top picks of freezer supplier. Being a leading exporter and preferred partner to international brands like Coca-Cola, Evian, Nestle, Budweiser, Heineken etc, the company offers various types of freezer including beer/beverage/wine/ice cream display freezer, front & back door display cooler, car freezer. Check it out to discover potential business opportunities:
supermarket display cooler.png
Each year, Jingeao Electronics will publish the new model , to suit the development trend of the market, to satisfy our clients from each area who sell in different types.

In order to make our customers feel at ease and consumer pleased, not only we improving constantly, but also we take much on certificates for different areas’ requirement. Right now, we owns CE, GS, CB,,ROHS, ETL.ect.