Apple Homekit help make your life easier

A few years back from now, it would have been impossible to control your home gadgets from afar with a voice command. Now, Apple has not only made it possible, it has made the whole process unbelievably easy and convenient. The HomeKit App on your iPhone or iPad has streamlined the whole process for you.

apple homekit

To start off, you will need home gadgets that are compatible with HomeKit. Then it is a simple matter of connecting the gadgets to the app and setting up the whole system. Siri Virtual assistant on your Apple devices will help you with issuing voice commands in order to control your home appliances.

However, the drawback of controlling your home gadgets from your iPhone and iPad using HomeKit is that you have to stay on the wifi network that is within your house. This restriction has been placed in order to give users the maximum possible safety and security. To be able to use your HomeKit app from a greater distance or from other wifi networks, you will need a third generation Apple TV.

Your Apple TV will help in identifying you and authenticating that it is in fact you who are trying to control the home appliances using HomeKit. To be able to use this feature, you will have to sync your Apple Tv with your iCloud account and your home wifi network. After doing this if you issue any commands to Siri from a far off place, your Apple TV will act as the relay and authenticate you. Then your command will go through to the devices that you are trying to control with your command.

Even though this entire process might sound excessively technical and tricky to you, it is actually very simple to set this up. Read the following steps and carry them in the same sequence in order to be able to use your Apple TV to control your home appliances:

Step 1: You will have to update your iOS to the latest version in order to be able to use the latest app version. HomeKit was released for iOS 8 initially but since then it has been through a series of frequent updates in order to improve user’s experience with the app.

Step 2: You cannot control your regular devices with HomeKit as you need smart devices that can be controlled by a smartphone app. The appliances in your house must be compatible with HomeKit. All the gadgets that are compatible with HomeKit have a printed on badge that proves the device’s compatibility with HomeKit. Be very vigilant about the badge because an older version of the same device may not be compatible with HomeKit.

Step 3: All HomeKit devices that you will purchase will come along with their own individual control app. You have to be careful about downloading the correct app and then installing it. After the set up, the app will pop up a question asking you whether you want to add that particular device to your HomeKit Setup or not. If you go ahead and add the device, then you will be asked to confirm which “home” the device is supposed to be added to.

Step 4: If you are using HomeKit for the first time and you are installing your first device then you will have to first set up a Home and decide a name for it. Then you add your new device to that Home. This feature is for those cases in which a user controls devices in different locations or homes using one iCloud Account.

Step 5: Even though you have set up your HomeKit devices, you still need to be able to control them from afar. To do that, go into Settings on your Apple device that use to control your HomeKit devices. Scroll down to HomeKit and tap on it. From there, go into CNET Smart Home and when the next page opens, turn on the “Allow Remote Access” option.

Step 6: If you already own an Apple TV then check whether it is has access to your iCloud Account or not. If it does not have access to iCloud then go into settings on your Apple TV and tap on iCloud. Enter your username and password in order to log in to your account and successfully sync your Apple Tv with your iCloud account in order to be able to control your HomeKit devices from other wifi networks.

These steps will ensure that your home and devices are protected and will also allow you to be able to access your appliances from afar.